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Are you offering your customers a Managed Print Service? MPS programs can seem overwhelming at the forefront. Where do you begin? How do you implement such a system successfully… and then later monitor it? Liberty Laser Solutions is proud to be a provider for this profitable system that can take your business to the next level. Here are 5 things you need to know about getting started with an MPSprogram.

1. What is it?

          MPS is a broad term that covers three different categories: Assessment, Optimisation, & Management.

2. Focus on 5 keys to making your program successful.

          Eliminate Waste, Billing Accuracy, Manage Change, Communication, Know your Devices

3. Use ASR (Auto Supply Replenishment)

This software monitors and reports consumable levels for each printer and then automatically orders the supplies needed and has it sent directly to the user. ASRs eliminate the need for manual order creating, ordering delays, expensive overnight rush orders, and lost orders. ASRs also maximize supply usage, reduce shrinkage, and allows your customer to use our cost saving- environmentally friendly product.

4. Guaranteed Order Accuracy

By eliminating the potential of human error, your customer will never order the wrong toner.

5. Analytics are your Best Friend

Custom dashboard reporting allows you to see where your customer’s pain points are, where they are saving money, and what they need to look at in the future.


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