DUNS NUMBER: 002601867
PSC CODES: T099, 7510, 7520
NAICS CODES: 322230, 339940, 424120, 325992

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Liberty’s American Made Product Stands the Test of Time

Liberty Laser Solutions Offers Extensive Catalog of MICR Toner

At Liberty Laser Solutions, quality is our number one priority. We take the time in our research and development department making sure we only use the best components. Because of this dedication, our MICR toner cartridges will exceed ANSI (American national Standards Institue), ABA (American Banking Association, and CBA (Canadian Banking Assocation) standards. Here is some more information about our MICR toner cartridges:

*Any MICR toner with signal strenth of less than 100
is rejected by our Quality Control Team.

*Each batch of our MICR toner is specifically designed
for the fusing temperature required by your laser printer

*Each MICR toner cartridge we produce consists of
entirely new components.

*Our MICR toner cartridge will never register less than
100 for signal strength throughout the cartridge’s life

You can shop our extensive list of MICR toner here. For more information, contact your sales rep today! Don’t have a sales rep? Give us a call at (800) 570-1987 or email to get started