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What You Need to Know About Maintenance Kits and Fusers

What is a fuser?

A fuser consists of a pair of heated rollers that helps the toner “attach” itself to the piece of paper by using heat and pressure. It is the last step in the printing process.

What is a Maintenance Kit?

This is the set of replacement parts for a printer. Since each printer is different, each kit will be different. Some will included as many as 8 different pieces.

How often should I change out my maintenance kit and fuser?

Generally speaking, you want to change out your maintenance kit after every 4 (or so) toner cartridges you go through. However, for your reference, we do offer the recommended page yield in each of our kits offered. Typically, the machine will give a notification once it’s ready for a new one.

What makes our product superior?

  • Sleeves are replaced 100% of the time with OEM approved grease
  • All bushings and gears are replaced
  • Components are tested to the most stringent standards in the industry
  • Every single fuser is tested and prints a pages before being packed
  • Post testing on any returned fuser to understand why it failed and how to prevent it from happening in the future

How do I know which Maintenance Kit goes with my printer?

We have optimized the search engine on our website to pull up the maintenance kit that is compatible with the printer number and the toner number. When you search Q5942A, the toner options and maintenance kit will show up! Don’t want to use that site? That’s OK, too! Give us a call at (800) 570-1987 and we will help you find the answer.