DUNS NUMBER: 002601867
PSC CODES: T099, 7510, 7520
NAICS CODES: 322230, 339940, 424120, 325992

375 Commercial St.

Marseilles, IL 61341

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Liberty’s Manufacturing Process combines Midwestern values, old school craftsmanship and new world technology.

We believe that strong quality performance requires accountability and our Single Cell Manufacturing Process ensures accountability throughout the life-cycle of each cartridge.   Our Technicians are divided into cells or work groups of 1 to 5 employees.  Each, individual technician is responsible for the building of each cartridge from the break down process to the re-manufacture and post test.  Each cartridge is bar coded at the end of this process.  This  gives each cartridge a DNA and allows us to track and monitor our quality processes and modify them to continually improve our systems.

Each employee undergoes 90 days of extensive training with our top techs before moving into a regular production cell.

Training includes seminars, lectures, and hands on experience.  The importance of quality is stressed repeatedly.  All builders, even our most veteran techs participate in Friday afternoon training and refresher course sessions.